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Bullseye Metrics is more powerful BI application than you can imagine.

Big Data starts with better BI tools

Bullseye Metrics brings all your data visualization into one place.

Identify top performing areas, so you can concentrate more to generate more

Identify weak links so you can get a fix to stop profit drainage

Recognize product mix which are both popular and profitable

Revenue stream analysis to take strategic decisions

Customer satisfaction analysis by reviewing KPIs

Your complete data, wherever it is

No matter where your data locates or what form it’s in, you get a holistic view of the
key metrics for your business.

Single Software for
all your data

Bulls Eye was created with a vision to collect and convert any data into meaningful analytics, which is represented in form of dashboards, reports, visual effects and analytics.

Easy to setup

Bulls Eye is easy to setup as it is compatible with most of the IT environments. Even you can view analytics on number of devices including web, mobile, tablet etc.

Extracting data
from everywhere

The most important factor which helped us implementing the same on different environment is because it can extract data from everywhere in an organization and prepare analytics based on that.

Controlled Distribution
of Data Analytics

Bulls Eye’s fundamental goal is to deliver complete data analytics to the core decision makers of the enterprise. Also, it allows the administrator to sanction authority to multiple departments to view limited data analytics (concerning their area of responsibility only).

Customized Reports

Bulls Eye has built-in templates for report generation but if a user wants to create customized reports, then s/he can do that by choosing parameters of his/her choice. The BI tool is pretty easy to use so anyone with authority can play around and dig out desired information.

Data in perspective

Ultimately, Bulls Eye shows the big picture of any business or enterprise. It represents all the data, coming from different places, combined in one place. This BI tool brings everything in perspective and makes informed decision-making possible in this era of chaos and information overload.

Make Bullsteye Metrics your own

Transform your Bullseye Metrics to match your brand. With familiar customization
tools, you can tailor the look-and-feel in minutes.

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