The Bulls Eye Matrics tool provides a complete analytical solution, self-service data preparation, powerful analytics and intuitive visualizations for financial organizations. With the help of Bulls Eye Matrics tool you can stop struggling against your financial data focus on finding and sharing meaningful insights. The Bulls Eye Matrics tool gives finance departments and companies the simple way to translate messy data into analytical insight and produce financial dashboards and reports.

Our Finance Services Include:

  • Unify data from accounting, CRM, ERP and other disparate systems.
  • Analyze risks and opportunities.
  • Create and send reports to every department and stakeholder.
  • Monitor cash flow, expenses and revenue across the organization.
  • Streamline your financial planning and balance sheet management
  • Profitability by contract or service type
  • Create and send reports to every department and stakeholder
  • To clean and manage big data from multiple sources.
  • Permissions can be set at the database, user level, and dashboards ensuring g every user is only exposed to the figures that they need to use.

Bulls Eye Matrics helps an organization to empower every department to gain visibility into its own financial information to promote a more cost-effective and responsible monetary. We accommodated sensitive information by offering both cloud and on-premise deployment.


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