Bulls Eye Matrics tool provides a simplifying Business Analytics for Healthcare. Our services provide powerful, end-to-end business analytics solution to prepare, analyze and visualize complex data to the hospital and other healthcare organization. The Bulls Eye Matrics tool makes it simple to explore unstructured, big healthcare data from multiple resources. With the help of a Bulls Eye Matrics tool you can keep all your datasets in a unified data model, perform in depth analysis, monitor KPIs, and implement data-driven strategies.

Bulls Eye Matrics has a proven track-record of empowering industry, leading companies and healthcare organization. Our main purpose to help today’s leading healthcare providers improve quality of patient care, streamline operations, reduce costs and ensure regulatory complaints.

Our Healthcare Services Include:

  • Identify cost factors to boost operational efficiency with highly effective healthcare business intelligence.
  • Get a "single-view" of patient with immediate access to all meeting records.
  • Strong ETL and data modeling capabilities, advance statistics and analytics and an intuitive UI for creating reports, dashboards and visualizations.
  • Healthcare data comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. The Bulls Eye Matrics tool helps to integrate many Disparate Systems - ERP, HMS, Billing and more.
  • Ensure timely reimbursements from patients and insurance agencies.
  • Create and share interactive BI dashboards across the organization to keep management, physicians and staff informed.
  • Track KPIs to constantly improve both medical processes and business.
  • Generate compliance or reports instantly based on the most up-to-date and consistent data.


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